Sanyi Technology is a leader in China's FIBC industry, a manufacturer and supplier of FIBC series products

EBUY CHINA is the leader of China's PLASTIC PRODUCTS industry, manufacturer & supplier ofhigh-quality plastic product series.
Sophisticated equipment and high-end dozens of hearts and foreign management systemso that customers enjoy the domestic high quality price.
  • FIBC

    Mainly used in the construction industry, convenient for loading and unloading, strong and durable

  • Potato Bags

    Used in potatoes, plastics, sugar bags, etc., for multiple purposes

  • Supermarket Eco Bag

    Used for agricultural purposes such as vegetables and fruits

  • Resin Bag

    HDPE Geomembrane liner for construction, landfill, pond liner

  • Weed Mat

    Used for plant protection, weed control, environmental protection, etc.

  • Artificial grass

    Used for erosion control, slope protection, and many other purposes

EBUY CHINA is the leader of China's PLASTIC PRODUCTS industry, manufacturer & supplier of high-quality plastic product series

Focus on the production of various polypropylene and polyethylene packaging products, such as pp woven bags, container bags, etc. suitable for industrial and agricultural packaging. Please give us your packaging requirements or cargo information, EBUY CHINA will provide you with a good packaging solution.

  • Sturdy and durable

    Longer product life cycle

    Our products have undergone strict quality control, are durable and have good corrosion resistance. Water resistance, etc.

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  • Many product types

    A wide variety of products

    A wide range of products can meet customer demand for products

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  • Fast delivery

    Multiple modes of transportation

    After you place your order, the first time to deliver the goods to

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  • factory Outlet

    We have our own factory

    We have an area of 15,000 square meters, with 100 professional processing and production personnel.

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  • Quality control

    Ensure product high quality and stability!

    Our products have passed ISO / CE / REACH / FSC certification. From materials to finished products, our quality control team strictly checks from each step.

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Hot-sale Product
  • Supermarket Eco Bag

    Environmental protection, durable

    Green environmental protection

    Easy to use

    Large internal space

    Longer service life

  • FIBC

    Internal partition

    Widened sling strong bearing capacity

    Top and bottom with spout design easy to use

    Doubie-thread edge load-bearing support sewing firm no edge collapse

    Thick material strong

  • Weed mat

    Efficient weed control

    Excellent UV resistance

    Easy to install, follow the natural ground contour

    No rot, lightweight and tear-resistant

    Good air permeability and water

Suitable for most environments
All our products have good quality assurance, so you can rest assured that your investment will last a lifetime.your investment will last a lifetime.



Weed mat

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Artificial grass


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Learn more from our FAQ
What is an FIBC?

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. This is a technical determination for bulk bags.

How about your quality?

EBUY CHINA have high level of confidence in your bag.On-site technical evaluation: your wishes, our experience.ENUY CHINA packaging have very nice quality with nice price. We can provide 1-3 pieces free sample for you to test.

Can I print my logo on the bag?

Yes you can.EBUY CHINA have 5 professional printing line for the bags.We accept Toppan Printing ,Gravure printing, Lithography and Stencil printing.What's more EBUY CHINA department always design and produce according to buyers requests. If you need we can provide customized printing design.

Can bulk bags be lifted with a single point hook?

Standard bulk bags with four corner lifting loops cannot be lifted with a single point hook on their own. Pulling the corner lift loops together causes additional stress on the loops and surrounding fabric that the bag was not designed for. Bulk bags can be lifted safely with single hooks when equipped with specialized straps such as Stevedores or with a bulk bag lifting bar.

Do you have one time use bag?

Yes we have both one time use bag and reuseable one. EBUY CHINA can meet all your specific needs.

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Focus on the development and manufacturing of healthy and environmentally friendly plastic products.